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Directions of the telemedicine in geriatrics

Rudzińska A., Kupis R., Piotrowicz K, Malicki Ł, Mocanu I, Cramariuc O, Perera I, Gryglewska B, Gąsowski J. Kierunki rozwoju telemedycyny w geriatrii. [Directions of the telemedicine in geriatrics] (in): Oczekiwania wobec nauk biomedycznych – trendy, wyzwania i perspektywy. Tygiel, 2023: 147-159; ISBN: 978-83-67104-73-9.

Sep 26, 2023

Dissemination of the ideas promoting telemedicine in older adults in a collection of papers concerning the emerging issues in medical research in Poland.

Forecasts by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Central Statistical Office (GUS) indicate that by 2050 the elderly will constitute 22% of the population. With the passage of years and the increase in the average life expectancy, not only the way of looking at the elderly changes, but also the needs and expectations of members of this social group. With the passage of time, an increase in interest in new technologies could be observed among seniors. What is more, their fluent use at work and in everyday life in the previous stages of life determines greater efficiency and independence in the use of mobile devices. The COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to the spread of many telemedicine solutions. Their use, including further popularization of visits to doctors and other medical professionals via videoconferencing, can positively affect the availability of health services, reduce the waiting time for contact with a specialist and reduce the financial outlays related to the organization of stationary check-ups. The multimorbidity of the elderly, which is common among the elderly, poses further challenges for telemedicine in the field of development of devices for ongoing health monitoring. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system that limit mobility and increase the risk of falling, cardiac comorbidities, carbohydrate and lipid metabolism disorders are some of the most common health problems affecting elderly people, whose adequate treatment depends to a large extent on regular control of parameters such as glycemic level or blood pressure. Another, no less important, area in which there is an increase in demand for intelligent technological solutions is the area of disease prevention and promotion of a healthy lifestyle, including care for oral hygiene and health that is often overlooked in old age.

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