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The discrepancy between the rating of the individual health devices and the tablet interface of a technology-rich health system for home use. The ACESO project

Abstracts of the 18th Congress of the European Geriatric Medicine Society. Eur Geriatr Med 13 (Suppl 1), 1–439 (2022).

Sep 28, 2022

Project dissemination at the largest annual medical conference dedicated to geriatrics in Europe. (over 1500 participants)

Technology-rich personalized health systems are being used in the care of older patients. However, the reception of such techniques may limit their use. Methods: In the Krakow (Poland) center of the ACESO project, we profiled participants 60 years of age. After the equipment had been used on at least one occasion, we administered structured and semi-structured questionnaires concerning the ease of use of the components, including a sphygmomanometer, thermometer, intelligent toothbrush, and a tablet-based interface. Additionally, we tested the perceived improvement of salivation using the Salipen salivation stimulating device.

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