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SaliPen is a leading-edge medical device that treats dry mouth naturally. SaliPen uses electrostimulation to increase saliva production and is not felt by the patient.


Experience the revolutionary relief of SaliPen, the cutting-edge device designed to combat the discomfort of dry mouth. Our advanced electro-stimulation technology stimulates salivary glands, promoting natural saliva production and providing you with the comfort you deserve.


What’s included in the box?

1 x full set of Salipen (an extraoral unit and an intraoral unit)

1 x protective travel case*



  • Natural dry mouth cure

    The usual cause of oral dryness is not enough saliva production. How does SaliPen relieve Dry Mouth?


    SaliPen is based on a very simple idea – stimulating the saliva glands to produce more saliva.

    SaliPen is the only long-term Dry Mouth Cure that makes your mouth wet with your own saliva without any side effects or chemicals!


    Price estimate (EUR)

    1. ACESO - Server & application


    a. Basic

    45.-EUR /month

    b. Extended

    97.-EUR /month

    2. ACESO mobile application


    a. Basic


    b. Device-dependent driver (e.g., BPM)

    +5.- EUR/month

    3. Monitoring devices


    a. Health and activity monitoring

    20 - 90 / unit

    b. ACESO smart toothbrush

    60 - 125 / set

    c. Smart Salipen

    125 - EUR/set

    ACESO Services


    The ACESO telehealth service provision

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    ask for a quotation


    ask for a quotation

    First line support

    ask for a quotation

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