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Role in the project
- Business

EXYS has accumulated valuable know-how over long-years of research and industrialization in low power analog and digital design, antenna systems, embedded systems design and system integration, particularly applied to communication and security systems, and in ICT health solutions. At management level, the EXYS personnel has a wide experience leading ESA, European Commission (EC) FP7 projects as well as private mandates ranging from few months up to 48 months duration in several countries (among them Austria, Bahamas, France, Italy, UK, Ukraine, US). The ECLEXYS technical key personnel has a wide experience in the technology domain, capitalized during several years of industrial and research activity, ranging from hardware and software development of telecommunication systems (e.g. for Siemens, Toshiba, SAGEM Wireless, ST-Ericsson, Space Hellas), to IT and security systems (American Insurance Group (AIG), Elsag SpA and many private Swiss companies). During the past years, EXYS also lead 2 health and homecare related projects in Southern Switzerland: the full IT restructuration of the home care services system (2001-2003), the redefinition and implementation of the internetworking and security of the ambulances and rescue services of Southern Switzerland (2010-2012). EXYS has participated in four AAL projects: Coordinator in AAL 2012-5 NITICS, AAL-2016 IONIS, Partner of AAL-2014-087 CAMI, AAL-2017-INCARE. MSc. ETHZ Angelo Consoli, (M), has a M.Sc. in electronic engineering and telecommunications from ETHZ Zürich. Prof. of data communication, security and embedded systems architectures at the University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland.

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