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An oral care guide

Dr. Ligia Stanca Muntianu

People can maintain healthy teeth throughout their lifetime. Do you know how? Here are some things you can do

  • Manage stress in your life. It has been demonstrated that stress is a cause for caries development. The mechanism involves a decrease in our immunity system.

  • Avoid very sweet sticky snacks like candy bars, caramels, or chocolate with caramels. Replace it with fruits. Did you know 1 prune delivers vitamins A, B,C K, E folic acid, potassium, fluoride, phosphorus, Magnesium, iron calcium, and Zn? It is a fruit used in obesity control, offers fibers, low calories, and no bad fats. A study published in 2017 in the Journal of Obesity & Therapeutics shows that prunes do have bioactive compounds that help in the treatment of Metabolic Syndrome.

  • Brush like a dentist twice a day and floss between teeth to remove dental plaque and rinse with mouth wash

  • Do not go to bed without brushing your teeth properly. It is very important to go to sleep with your mouth clean. During the night, you don’t open your mouth, so an anaerobic atmosphere is beneficial for cariogenic bacteria to develop. Leaving food trapped on your teeth only provides nourishment for such microbes

  • Change the brand of your toothpaste often. Oral microbiologic flora gets used to it. Bette, try to use natural toothpaste you can find in planar. They are made from plants that contain natural essential oils with antimicrobial effects

  • Read the composition of fluoride quantity contained in your toothpaste. Buy the one that has the lowest percentage. You may want to find toothpaste with no fluoride. An increase in fluoride intake affects your brain activity, inhibiting the volitional center.

  • If your gums bleed, brush with a soft toothbrush, rinse with hot water to improve capillary circulation. Hot water has an anti-inflammatory effect, dilates the small blood vessels, and peripheric circulation is improved. You can also use bubble mineral water. The bubbles in the water make a massage to your gums. If the problems still persist, ask your dentist to teach you the proper manner of brushing your teeth. Also, maybe you lack vitamin C.

  • Consume vitamin C to maintain the health of your gums and periodontal ligaments. You can find it in foods like:

    • Parsley

    • Peppers

    • Berries

    • Sea buckthorn. You can consume either raw, tea, or oil capsules if you have stomach problems or ulcers.

    • Rose hip-drink rosehip tea instead of water

  • Eat apples. It provides the natural self-cleaning of your mouth between meals. Tongues and muscles movements along with salivary increase remove the dental plaque. But this is not a substitute for brushing your teeth

  • Consume propolis 5 days a month. It will increase your immunity. Propolis tincture is a good antiseptic but always use it diluted with water otherwise, you will burn your mucosa.

  • Go to your dentist for regular checkups.

  • When your dentist gives you antibiotics for 5 days, take them for 5 days. Do not stop after three. Because you will create microbial resistance to the drug, and next time you will need it it will not work anymore

  • Do not use any tobacco products. If you smoke, quit. Smoking produces bone resorption around teeth

  • Limit alcoholic drink

  • If you have diabetes, strictly control your blood sugar level. This will avoid complications like gum disease or easy bleeding. Also, maintaining good oral hygiene and professional scaling can help decrease glycemia.

  • If your medication causes you dry mouth, ask your medical doctor if there are other drugs you can use that don’t cause this. Also, drink plenty of water, consume citrus, chew sugarless gums, avoid tobacco and alcohol.

  • If you have a dry mouth and you can not change medication, ask your dentist what else it can be done. He might give you some tongue exercises or massage techniques to improve salivary flow.

  • If you act as a caregiver, help other individuals brush and floss their teeth or brush their dentures if they are not able to do it individually or check if they did it well.

  • See a doctor or a dentist if you have a sudden change in taste or smell.

By the way... When did you see your dentist last?...


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ACESO is a patient-centric solution for smart and sustainable healthcare, employing a co-creative approach to realize integrated health and oral-care platform in which intelligent devices use data analytics for adaptable health and wellbeing. ACESO will monitor parameters related to physical health (blood pressure, glucose, heart rate, oxygen saturation, etc.), activity, sleep, and oral hygiene in an integrative manner which will provide primary users with personalized and adaptive feedback extracted by an underlying artificial intelligence engine. A patient-centric approach that actively involves users in maintaining their health will bring clear benefits for the elderly and caregivers. Aceso is funded by AAL. More about Aceso...

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AAL- Ageing Well in the Digital World - is a funding program that aims to create a better quality of life for older people and to strengthen industrial opportunities in the field of healthy aging technology and innovation. More about AAL.


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